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    "I enjoyed your video and found it very helpful and informative! Looking forward to more! Thank you!"

    - Eileen B.

    "Thank you so much! Your instructions are clear and easy to see. You answered so many questions for beginners like me. Thank you!!!"
    - Jiyoung K.

    "I can't THANK YOU enough!! I have been using other videos to learn about the rib stitch and I have been doing it very very wrong. Thank you for clarifying to purl on a purl (the loop) and to knit on a knit (vertical line.) I thought if I ended the row on a knit that I had to knit the first stitches of the next row...Now I understand perfectly!!"
    - Askley B.

    "Wow!! Your video is very informational. I really understood what you were instructing!!! I'll upload a picture of my scarf when I'm finished!!"

    "Thank you Christine, so excited to finally learn how to knit!  Very Grateful."
    - Suzy D.

    "I enjoyed the videos, although I am a self taught knitter starting with a dish cloth. I knitted fingerless gloves, socks, cowls and scarves. You have enlightened me with some techniques and I would like to continue."
    - Ronni W.

    "I have not purchased my materials yet, since I have been sick in the hospital. I want to do this, so I will as soon as I am better.  Thank you for giving me something to look forward to. I am now homebound since I have developed UCTD and can not longer work. This is perfect for me since I never really leave the house either. I thank you for doing these classes. I lost so much and your classes make me feel like I have something to be proud of and look forward to."
    -Debbie C.

    "Love your videos!!! Keep them coming!!"
    - Linda D.

    "You do an awesome job on the videos."
    - C.G.

    "I took lessons many years ago and was taught the long tail CO, but I must have forgotten a step because my first stitch was never right. Thank you so much for demonstrating correct technique. I love these videos, they are just what I need to make my projects less crude looking. Thanks so much."
    - Marlyn C.

    "Thank you. Just watched the first video...loved it! You make it so easy to learn and follow...so excited!"
    - Bonnie

    "I took the class. Christine is an excellent instructor."
    - Joyce S.

    "I've learned so much from your intro and beginning knitting classes."
    - Vicki N.