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    I've always wanted my entrepreneurial ventures to support social causes, and I built this company with that goal in mind. For our first funding project, I have decided to give a percentage of the company's sales to building a school in Africa.

    I recently met an amazing couple, who started an organization to build schools in Kenya. I was inspired by their work, and I've taken on this project as my first funding goal... to get an entire school built through their organization, World Teacher Aid.


    To build a school room, it costs $12,500.

    Each school has 8 school rooms and a couple of administrative rooms.

    Do the math and each school costs $125,000 to build.

    It is my goal to be able to give $125,000 to build an entire school by 2016.

    I cannot do this without your support. Just know that ever time you purchase a course or anything from our company, know that it is also helping to build a school for those in need.

    In some of these communities, they live in such remote areas that the children have to walk 10 kilometers just to go to school every day. And in another one, students had to walk 4 hours! By building a school right inside their community, we help them build a safe place for children to attend school and we help that community thrive.

    Thank you for purchasing our classes. It means more to me than you will ever know.

    As things progress, I will update you on reaching our funding goals.

    Thanks for reading!