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    About Christine Kim Studio 


    Christine Kim Studio is a design and craft studio based in New York that offers classes and tutorials on knitting. If you've ever wanted to learn how to knit, this is the place for you!

    We'll take you from an absolute beginner and turn you into a knitter, and we'll make it fun and easy to learn new skills! We'll take you from where you are to where you want to be, and bring you a huge sense of accomplishment and joy in the process! We'll help you unleash your creativity by teaching you how to design your own items too!

    Christine sees knitting as a tool for tapping into the creative, joyful side of life. The rhythmic nature of knitting is highly therapeutic and can help people find peace and joy through the process of learning a new creative, tactile skill that uses their hands and enables them to create something they love.

    Christine Kim Studio was created to help you tap into your creativity by teaching you to knit from the absolute beginner level. Christine's mission is to help you find joy and flow by engaging you in creative projects that help you unleash your creativity!

    Christine has already helped over a hundred thousand people learn how to knit through her videos and is now creating different classes to teach people knitting skills at a more comprehensive level. Her goal is to make these classes fun and easy, but also challenge you to higher levels of skill and creativity.

    We are excited to have you join us on your knitting journey!


    About Christine 

    Christine Kim, the founder of Christine Kim Studio, is an avid knitter and a fashion designer. She embarked on her knitting and fashion career path after being completely burnt out from her stressful life as a consultant. She had been flying to her client site every week, constantly working crazy overtime hours, and operating in a stressful state for years.

    She had two major wake-up calls that took her career in a completely new direction. Christine suffering from two bouts of hospitalization from pneumonia - once during intense finals during grad school, and once after finally quitting her consulting job. She knew this life was not sustainable for her, and she began a journey in search of a passion that fueled her and a lifestyle that was also healthy for her.

    Along the way, she discovered knitting after walking by a beautiful yarn shop in San Francisco one summer. Never thinking it would ever be part of her career path, she began knitting because the yarns were just so beautiful. After her first scarf, knitting turned into an intense passion. She engaged in it whenever she could, and especially every winter when she needed a new scarf, a hat, a gift for a friend's new baby, or a sweater for her daughter.

    Knitting became a meditative way for Christine to engage in creating something beautiful. She then took it a step further and decided to pursue fashion design. She moved from Chicago, where she grew up, to New York, and attended Parsons School of Fashion Design. Eight years later, she still lives in New York City with her husband and her bubbly 6 year old daughter, pursuing her passions, designing a life she loves, and sharing it with all of you!

    Christine also runs a baby products business. If you're curious or have a baby, check it out here!


    Where To Begin

    If you're a brand new beginner and looking to learn how to knit, start with the Intro to Knitting class.

    If you've already learned how to knit a scarf and want to move beyond the basics, sign up for the Knitting for Beginners class. This will take you beyond the basics into ribbing, stripes, lace, cables, and more!

    If you already know how to knit and just want to see some patterns, check out the patterns we offer here. More will be added to this growing list!

    If you want help learning to knit patterns with some video instruction, sign up for the class version of these patterns instead. Patterns are included in these pattern classes.


    Stay in Touch!

    Be sure to sign up for our mailing list so you know when we offer new classes and patterns. Special promotions will also be sent via email, so be sure to get on the list for special offers!

    Thanks for stopping by!

    I hope you have as much fun as I do knitting!