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    Blog — knitting

    Why do you knit?

    Why do you knit?

    Why do you knit?

    Or, if you haven't started knitting yet, why do you want to knit?

    Let me share my story with you, the story of why I began knitting in earnest. It's a very personal story, but I am telling it to you because I know some of you can relate.

    I had learned to knit as a child, but did not spend much time knitting when I was young. I rediscovered knitting again after going through some extremely stressful times and I was on a wellness and healing journey to get my health and lifestyle back in balance. This was just the beginning of my knitting journey...

    Knitting became a fun hobby, an outlet, to contrast the mundane corporate life I was leading. It was fun, having the needles click back and forth as I created a new scarf with each new yarn I purchased. Oh, how exciting it was discovering new yarns in different colors!

    But soon, after taking another job, my life was too full to incorporate knitting in my life anymore. I was just too busy. Can you relate to this story?

    Are you too busy to knit?

    Well, then, trauma hit. I found myself in the hospital, about to go into the operating room because I had just suffered from a miscarriage. The reality of it didn't quite register at the time.

    But then, afterwards, I was in the recovery room, with my husband and my mother right beside me, and I said to them, in my dazed, drugged state, in a whisper...

    "I just want to knit and sew."

    The statement surprised me, as I had never thought about these things much before. I had tried to take sewing classes, but failed in making it to those classes due to my crazy work/school schedule.

    This statement was coming from a deeper place. My soul was calling out. It was something I wanted to do... just because. No goals attached to it. No work-related purpose. Just for the sheer fun of it. My soul wanted to knit and sew.

    So, my journey began. I reconnected with my knitting needles, and my mom taught me how to crochet that day, and I began knitting non-stop. It was therapy, but I didn't realize it at the time. It was my coping mechanism for dealing with my loss. And emotionally, I was doing so well because of it.

    This journey led me to a healer in Brazil... where I met a lawyer who randomly told me I should go to fashion design school at Parsons. It was this strange and unexpected journey that brought me to New York, to Parsons, to having a healthy baby girl, and now to creating this business.

    So, now, I want to ask you... why do you knit?

    What does knitting do for you?

    I've had a woman tell me that her son knits because he suffers from bi-polar disorder and it really helps him. And another woman telling me that knitting helps develop the communication between both left and right brains, much like meditation does.

    So, what brings you to knitting? And if you haven't started learning, what makes you want to learn?

    I'd love to hear your stories...

    Please leave your comments below. I'd love to hear from you!